For Accredited Nannies and their Employers

For Accredited Nannies and their employers…

There is no statutory right under the Employment (Jersey) Law 2003 for an employee to receive pay whilst not working (except for provisions made in the contract of employment).

We would hope that in light of these unprecedented circumstances, employers consider continuing to pay their nannies where they are able to do so, especially where they would wish for the nanny services to continue once this difficult time has passed. We have, however, raised the specific situation of nannies and their employers with Customer and Local Services (Social Security) together with the Children’s Minister and when we know more, we will advise all Accredited Nannies and release a statement on social media.

As mentioned in a previous email from the Trust, the Jersey Advisory Conciliation Service (JACS) and have valuable, up-to-date employment advice on their website, including what to do in the event of self isolation/sickness or being unable to work. Please see the links below:

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