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Parents’ Focus Groups

We need you to inform our voice and influence our work.  We know things are always changing and to make sure that our work keeps up with the changing needs of families, we run a series of focus groups each year with parents and expectant parents.

About the Focus Groups

Run by an independent researcher, parents might be asked their thoughts and experiences on:

  • Striking the balance between working and being a parent;
  • How to choose childcare;
  • Childcare choices at different ages and stages and the changing needs of children;
  • What employers do or could do to help working parents;
  • Affording childcare – childcare tax relief and income support.

Parent Focus Groups

Why Get Involved

We provide information and services for families, childcare providers and other professionals.  Therefore, once our report is produced it is presented to every relevant service in Jersey for their information.  We ask for their responses, including any expected actions on their part as a result of the information in the report.

Part of our remit is to be a voice for parents in Jersey.  We regularly meet with politicians, other government officers and key people in the Island and your views help to inform our voice and help make a difference for all working parents in Jersey.

How to Get Involved

If you are a parent or expectant parent and can give an hour of your time in the next focus group series, do call or email us to register your interest.  The sessions run at different times of the day and in different locations to suit a range of needs.  Some include qualified crèche provision too.

Past Reports from Focus Groups

Here are two reports produced from previous feedback:

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