Accredited Nannies List

Accredited Nannies are qualified, First Aid and Safeguarding trained, DBS checked (Police checked), fully insured and their knowledge assessed through rigorous application and self assessment forms and process.  You can find out more about their application process here.

Annual renewals include the ongoing monitoring of their performance as well as checks to ensure the various elements of the Scheme’s requirements continue to be met.

Parents who employ an Accredited Nanny may qualify for Childcare Tax Relief or the Childcare Component of Income Support.

NameAccreditation NumberDate of AccreditationNext Renewal Date
Aimee Le Gresley687203/02/2016Feb 2020
Anna Murdza674405/06/2015Jun 2019
Ashley Weeks716924/01/2018Jan 2019
Carol Mitchinson646017/08/2010Jan 2020
Ellen Spence756507/07/2018Jul 2019
Elizabeth de Gruchy711418/08/2014Aug 2019
Emily Ritzema756430/08/2018Aug 2019
Emma Couillard691602/05/2013Dec 2018
Gemma Bushnell278311/11/2013Nov 2019
Hannah Lee675901/06/2015Jun 2019
Hayley Bisson695101/10/2015Oct 2019
Hilary Derrien699109/12/2013Dec 2019
Jan Dyer304520/03/2006Jan 2020
Jasmine Baudains756027/02/2018Feb 2020
Jenna Bayley740716/06/2016 Jun 2019
Jodie Spriggs732612/06/2015Jun 2019
Joanne Spanswick756611/09/2018Sep 2019
Julie Blackmore304221/07/2006Jul 2019
Karen Simon637609/01/2014Jan 2020
Kathryn Maskrey490211/03/2010May 2019
Katie Milldren602826/06/2007Sep 2019
Louise Le Flahec731107/12/2017Dec 2018
Maria Forder480502/12/2014Dec 2019
Michelle Smith743422/04/2016Feb 2020
Nadine Edgar304611/05/2012Mar 2020
Natalie Pamplin658904/02/2015Mar 2019
Natasha Simon750921/01/2017Jan 2020
Nicola Coutanche454501/01/2011Dec 2019
Patricia Abreu (Coelho)697319/09/2013Sep 2019
Rebecca Amy756803/09/2018Sep 2019
Roisin Hanna 7447 16/05/2016 May 2019
Sara Perchard2527/06/2005Jan 2020
Sarah Carre678911/10/2012May 2019
Sarah Highfield642604/08/2014Sep 2019
Sophie Le Sueur618216/05/2014May 2019
Stephanie Couillard732008/06/2015Jun 2019
Susan Le Lievre646413/12/2012Dec 2019
Suzanne Dorey442525/03/2014Mar 2019
Suzanne Wilson756119/10/2017Oct 2019
Tegan Henry675022/08/2018Aug 2019
Traci Churchill443229/09/2014Sep 2019
Vanessa Huelin682010/11/2016Nov 2019
Victoria Ling736026/01/2016Jan 2019
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