Childminders in Jersey

What is a Childminder?

Childminders care for children from babies up to the age of 12 years of age in the minder’s own home.

A list of childminders looking for employment can be found on this website.

General Information

  • Childminders are self-employed (paid by the hour) and work from their own home.  They are contracted by the family or families.  There is a sample childminder contract on the JACC website.
  • They can be very flexible if a child is very tired one day or full of energy.
  • They can be spontaneous: if it is a glorious day they can suddenly decide to head out, for example, to Durrell or the beach.
  • They are based in a home environment, which can be very comforting to children.
  • You don’t have to pay them sick pay and many buddy-up with another minder who may then be able to take your child in if you minder is unwell.
  • They will provide all necessary equipment such as buggies, highchairs and car seats (though not personal items such as nappies or bottles).
  • It is a good idea to ask to see Registration and Insurance Documents before making your choice.

Parents’ Top Tips

Please note: these are opinions from parents and are not those of the Trust.

  • Manage expectations from the beginning.  Ask for terms and conditions (or a sample contract) early on when looking into childminders as expectations can vary enormously.  For example, childminders are self-employed so the majority do expect holiday pay and ask for it in their agreement.
  • The best guide is your own gut reaction to a person.  Do they seem caring, calm and confident?  Do you like them?  Does your child like them?
  • Ask to see references from other parents.  These can be very telling.
  • Ask questions.  If it is important to you then ask about it.  If you want your childminder to read to your child often then check that that is something they are happy to do.  If you want them to take your child to groups to socialise them check this is something they intend to do.
  • Joint care.  How many other children will he/she be caring for at the same time as your child?  Will your child enjoy the company or struggle with a dominant older child or needy baby?
  • Important to ask ‘What if…’ for times when what you have organised doesn’t work out or your child or your minder is sick.
  • You need to be prepared to discuss issues as they arise.  For example, if an incident has occurred that you don’t agree with you will need to talk to the minder to see why it happened and if the situation can be handled differently in the future.

Statutory Requirements

  • Childminders have to be registered if they offer more than two hours care per day.
  • All registered childminders are registered annually by Childcare Registration in the Education Department.
  • All are required to have: a satisfactory ‘fit person’ check (includes DBS and Health check), First Aid qualification, Safeguarding and Infection control.

Further information is available on the childcare pages of the website.

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