Virtual Cream Tea for JCCT

… a lovely way for you and your team or family and friends to connect…


For the last two years, the Cream Tea for JCCT launch event has been held at Longueville Manor.  However, due to the continued need for social distancing, this year the Trust is offering you a chance to hold a virtual cream tea with your colleagues and friends via the internet.  Trained volunteers will bake and deliver a Cream Tea to each person’s door by 1.30pm on any chosen day.


What you will receive

Each Cream Tea pack will include 4 small plain and fruit scones, homemade strawberry jam, clotted cream and a selection of teas for £15.


How to book your cream tea

To book your Cream Tea for JCCT simply email


If you are feeling generous you can always donate a cream tea to essential workers
who are caring for children across the Island during the pandemic.



Why we need your support

We are all experiencing difficulties in communication in these challenging times.  We support children with disabilities in their nurseries and they ALL experience difficulty in communication on a daily basis.

By choosing to book your Virtual Cream Tea for JCCT, you are helping us to help more children to develop better communication skills, amongst many other skills, for life.

Here is a video of Megan, one of the children we have supported 

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