Winner of JCCT Award Announced

Sarah Hampton Smith has been named as the winner of our Wilma Allan Award 2018 after a ceremony, kindly hosted by our Patron Lady Dalton at Government House last week.

“Sarah’s confidence has grown tremendously over the past two years,” said Jodie, Deputy Manager at Cheeky Monkeys. “Parent’s often mistake Sarah for a member of staff as she will happily greet them with a hello and a big friendly smile.”  She explained how much everyone appreciates Sarah’s nurturing and engaging attitude. “She has a lovely manner with the children.”

As well as her engraved JCCT medal, Sarah receives £500 worth of one-to-one training with the Resilience Development Company.  This will teach her to deal with stress, learn to thrive under pressure and confidently manage setbacks.  While Cheeky Monkeys, as the nursery that nominated her, wins £500 worth of equipment.  This can be any form of toy or resource that Sarah and her manager decide between them would best benefit the learning and development of the babies and young children in their setting.

Sarah was thrilled to have won.  “I feel I have always been a ‘people person’, and as part of a big family with many siblings, I believed I had a lively as well as a caring personality that would be important in becoming a good practitioner.  I have always wished for a career that is both fun and rewarding and from my time in many school and nursery settings, believe that working with children is just that.  It is great to wake up and look forward to going to work at the nursery and I only hope that the children I have looked after feel as I do about my own teachers.”

The Wilma Allan Award was designed to acknowledge those who go ‘above and beyond’ what is expected of them in their placements with babies and young children.  It was created in memory of our former employee Wilma.

“Wilma was a wonderful person, who noticed the actions of hardworking, unassuming achievers who continuously delivered,” said our Executive Director Fiona Vacher.  “She would be so pleased to know that her family had set up this award to support those who work quietly but with such enthusiasm and effectiveness.  It is always so lovely to get together for this very special ceremony, to honour her memory and promote best practice at the same time.  We know that 80% of our brain development happens before the age of 3 years and so it is critical that we have the very best workforce to care for our youngest children as they grow and develop.”

Sarah is in her final year at Highlands and this term has chosen to do her research consultancy project with us at the JCCT, investigating the impact of our singing and signing programme in the nursery sector.

“As a child and young person, pursuing childcare as a career had not often crossed my mind,” said Sarah.  “However, upon going through both primary and secondary school and reflecting back, I had great appreciation for my teachers and other staff members around the school that did so much for me.  This in turn gave me the inspiration to want to do the same for other children, as I wanted to enable children to feel supported through their school/nursery years and have a happy childhood as they deserve and I had had.”

This is the third year the Wilma Allan Award has been running.  It was originally won by Lucy Goddard during her placement at La Petite Ecole Nursery at Fort Regent and she and Helen Evans from the nursery chose to spend the winnings on soft play equipment and toys that the children could move and crawl through, climb over and lift so that they could build dens and enjoy the experience of soft blocks.  “We also agreed on some new heuristic sensory baskets to engage the children’s imagination and develop their sensory skills.”

Last year, it was won by Niamh Elliot while she was at Leeward Nursery.  The money was spent on Sensory Play equipment such as lights, twinkling floor mats and bubble tubes.

Jersey Child Care Trust

8 November 2018


How to nominate 

Students suitable for nomination will be studying on the CACHE Diploma for the Early Years Workforce (Level 3) or the FdA Degree in Childhood Studies.

The placement supervisor within the setting can nominate any student by simply telling the Trust the student’s name and what they have done.  Either phone Kate or the Trust on 629901 or email: before the end of the Summer Term.

Once a student has been nominated, the Trust will invite the student to provide more information about what they did.  This can be done through a variety of ways.  For example, photos, witness statements, or written submissions as evidence to show:

What you did?  Why you did it?  What difference did it make?  How did you know it made a difference?

About the Work of JCCT

The Jersey Child Care Trust is a small, robustly run local charity that makes a big difference for families in Jersey.  Putting families first is at the heart of all that we do and our vision is that every child in Jersey has access to the nurture, care and learning they need to thrive.

We deliver a variety of programmes to enable all our children to have the best start.  The Special Needs Inclusion Programme that supports children like Megan is our signature programme.  Last year it provided over 8,600 hours of support to children in 15 different nurseries.  We know that 80% of our brain development happens before the age of three years and so we make the biggest, long term difference for each child that we support in their earliest years.

We make sure every penny is spent wisely and our current and previous grants from BBC Children in Need, Bosdet Foundation, One Foundation and the Lloyds Foundation for the Channel Islands are testament to the quality of the charity and our work.


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