Working Parent Survey 2017

Working parents in Jersey want greater flexibility from employers and childcare providers according to a survey carried out by the Jersey Child Care Trust.

More than 700 parents responded to the Working Parent Survey providing a rare glimpse into their working lives.  The survey asked parents about their family and work circumstances as well as what could help them in meeting their responsibilities.

The survey found that almost half of respondents have no extended family support in the Island and that 48% said more flexibility from employers would help them meet their work and family needs.

Although there is much national and international research and evidence about the impact of providing good family friendly employment practices, no research had ever been carried out in Jersey. The survey was commissioned after a meeting with the Chamber of Commerce highlighted the need for information about what is actually happening in the Island.

The Charity’s Executive Director, Fiona Vacher said: “One of our priorities is to create stronger links with employers through their representative groups.  This is because Jersey has one of the highest rates of working women in the developed world and so naturally, in turn, many of our young children are cared for by others.

Through the work of the 1001 Critical Days Agenda nationally, we know the importance of a good start for babies and children. The impact of getting this right is felt far beyond the family.  Society benefits through future generations that are better able to learn, earn more, be healthier and more likely to stop the cycle of harm being continued.”

The Main Findings from the Working Parent Survey

·         The survey had 734 respondents with 94% being female.

·         31% of respondents work in financial services with Education (13%) and Health (11%) the next two largest categories.

·         49% of respondents have no extended family support on the Island.

·         48% say that more flexibility from their employer would help them meet their work and family needs.

·         64% would like more money to afford a childcare option.

·         Respondents gave their employers an average score of 3.5 out of 5 for approachability.

·         Generally employers are seen to be supportive of parents taking time off for sick children or appointments.

These results show how island life can create some challenges with almost half of respondents not having any extended family support and that greater flexibility from employers could help to alleviate some of these issues.  Although there are more respondents who do have an approachable employer, 21% have a very or quite unapproachable employer.  That coupled with respondents’ reports of high childcare costs and lack of flexibility of childcare providers is an area that the JCCT will focus upon, with others, in the future.

 The charity also plans to share the results with employers through representative organisations, like the Chamber of Commerce, along with the latest evidence that shows how we all benefit from family friendly employment in the Island.

President of the Jersey Chamber of Commerce, Eliot Lincoln said: “The right to request flexible working was a fundamental change in Jersey legislation, so it is encouraging that businesses and organisations in the island are recognising the benefits of offering flexible working practices. The fact that 68% of respondents felt that their working arrangements were meeting their needs, is a good sign and a positive differentiator for businesses looking to recruit in a competitive marketplace.”

Here are the results  JCCT Working parent survey

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