Help A Life Take Flight

ALL children have the right to an Early Years Education in Jersey. We make this happen.

80% of your brain develops before you are three – this is when the foundations for a child’s future are made. This is when they learn to fly. Help a life take flight.

We’d like to introduce you to the Jersey Child Care Trust, what we do, how you can get involved and what difference we can make together for children and their families in Jersey.

We are a small, local charity making a big difference for children living with disabilities and/or disadvantage. By putting families first, we deliver a variety of programmes to enable all our children to have the best start and you can help.

By supporting our ‘Help a life take flight’ campaign you can directly support children and families in your community and feel good, knowing the difference that you are making.

It is our vision that every child in Jersey has access to the nurture, care and learning they need to thrive. Most importantly, our work is targeted to provide some of the earliest intervention opportunities for children and families by increasing access to high quality early childhood care and education in Jersey.

We don’t do this alone. Our work is aligned with and involves many other partners with the aim of achieving the best outcomes for children and families in Jersey.

With over 20 years of experience of listening and responding to families, our aims are simple and support the strategic priorities of the Government of Jersey and partners:

  1. To identify the needs of children and families
  2. To meet the need of children and families
  3. To raise funds to be able to identify and meet the needs of children and families

Our work makes the biggest difference because we help children when their brains are developing at their fastest rate, in their earliest years.

Because of us young children with disabilities are able to go to nursery in Jersey.

Because of us children living in low income families with developmental needs would miss the vital window of opportunity to make the greatest developmental gains.

Special Needs Inclusion Programme

We support 35+ children with disabilities to go to nurseries throughout Jersey every year.

Without us, these young children would miss out on the key learning and development opportunities that being at nursery can offer.

Read Raphael’s story to find out more.

Best Start Plus Nursery Funding

We fund part time nursery places for young children from lower income families who have identified developmental needs.

Find out more.

Nanny Accreditation Scheme

There are no laws regulating nannies in Jersey so anyone can work as one. Our voluntary scheme enables parents to access tax breaks and qualified, checked nannies to get the professional recognition they deserve.

Find out more

Developing the Children’s Workforce

The quality of our children’s workforce is critical so we focus on supporting their training and development opportunities.

You have provided practical support and fantastic advice; and the staff have grown in both confidence and ability due to this. I would highly recommend you guys to anyone and everyone!

Jane Moy, CEO
Centre Point Trust

Having a child with special needs makes the return to work much harder for one parent, so these precious few hours of childcare each week have also made a huge difference to our life as a family

Jane Moy, CEO
Centre Point Trust

We are a robustly run charity, led by an inspiring, diligent and skilled Board of Trustees. Every single penny donated is spent wisely by us putting families first. We can only do what we do with the generous support of others and here is a selection of some of our funders. They are investing in the future success of our Island community and we are proud to have their continued support.

Together with your support we can make amazing things happen!

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