Wilma Allan Award

An annual award to recognise excellent practice of childcare students on placement with babies and/or toddlers up to 2 years of age.

Students suitable for nomination will be studying on the CACHE Diploma for the Early Years Workforce (Level 3) or the FdA Degree in Childhood Studies.

About Wilma Allan

This award was created in memory of Wilma Allan, a former employee of the Trust.  Wilma was a person who noticed the actions of hardworking, unassuming achievers who constantly delivered.

The Nomination Process

Nominations can be made by placement supervisors or senior staff members from the student’s day nursery placement at any time during the academic year.

Contact Kate at the Trust stating the student’s name and a small insight into the student’s practice and how it has gone above and beyond.

All nominees are contacted by the Trust and invited to provide some more information.  This can be done in a variety of ways.  For example, photos, witness statements or written submissions to show:

  • What they did
  • Why they did it
  • What difference they think it made for children and/or parents
  • How they knew it made a difference

The closing date for nominations will be the end of each academic school year with the winner announced in the following Autumn Term.

Winner of the 2015 Wilma Allan Award

In 2015 the winner of the award was Lucy Goddard.  Her placement was at La Petite École Nursery at Fort Regent.

‘Lucy proved enthusiastic in all areas and aspects of childcare,’ said her supervisor and manager of the nursery, Helen Evans.  ‘Both of the team leaders of the rooms in which she worked commented on her approach to childcare.  Through research and practical work she quickly developed a clear understanding of the needs of the children at the different ages and stages of development.  She learnt to plan around children’s interests and expand on their knowledge.  Lucy was able to use her own initiative and communicate effectively with staff, children and parents alike.  Her commitment was exceptional for someone of her age.  She gave up her own time to come to nursery to expand on her knowledge.

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This is a truly special and unique award.

Lucy Goddard Wilma Allan Award Winner 2015 February 14, 2017

Lucy said she felt she had learnt so much on her placement: ‘I still have a lot to learn and I am constantly learning every day in my setting, but I feel more prepared and natural when around the children.  I feel I have gained valuable experience that has helped me to better understand the needs of the children at the age they are at.  I feel more equipped and knowledgeable when planning activities that will engage and support the children in their learning.  I am much less critical of myself in the sense that my activities will often result in outcomes that were unexpected and see this is a positive light.  The skills I have learnt in my placement have built the foundations for my future in working with children.’

Lucy was thrilled to be presented with her medal and in turn, to present the nursery with their prize of £500.  Helen Evans and Lucy have planned together what the money will be spent on: ‘We have agreed to spend the money on soft play equipment/toys so the children can move, crawl through, climb over and lift so they can build their own den or creation and enjoy the experience of the soft blocks.  We have also agreed for some new heuristic sensory baskets to engage the children’s imagination and to develop their sensory skills.’

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