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We provide the next generation of the children’s workforce with a unique, challenging and fun experience!

Students join us from a variety of sources; some are on their Project Trident three week placement while others do a year-long degree placement, one day a week.  Students gain an insight into the huge multi-agency arena that we work within here at the Trust, and the tasks offered are dependent on the student’s capabilities, interests and areas of learning.

Degree Placements

Jayne Winch started her placement in September 2018 during her second year studying on the Childhood Studies BA (Hons) degree through UCJ (University College Jersey).

“Once I have completed my degree I would like to work in family support and/or wellbeing and being placed at the Trust was ideal for me.  The team arranged for me to have sit downs with a huge variety of agencies and services to give me an overview of what everyone does and how it all fits together.  I was able to gain an insight into speech and language support, Early Help, the Health Visitors and Midwives, to name a few!  This was invaluable for me and I am so very grateful for the experiences given to me by the team at the Trust.

One of the first tasks I was given was to run a Creche being held for the children of parents attending a course run through the Trust.  This was daunting at first but quickly became the best part of my week as we looked after differing numbers of children across a wide age range each week, so had to be prepared to provide positive experiences for every child attending.

As part of my placement I was able to spend time in Brighter Futures and again this time was instrumental in helping me to gain an insight into some of the support available for our local families.  I was able to spend time with children and their families in the Growing Together sessions, where parents and children come together to play, as well as planning and taking part in weekly activities within the group.

Whilst at the Trust I was able to carry out various research tasks, including sourcing resources for nurseries and learning how to use survey monkey to create surveys designed to gather statistics for the Trust.  I was able to sit in on meetings and given the opportunity to attend events such a Early Years Childhood Partnership’s Magicial Event which brought practitioners together to work towards a better future for Jersey families.

Towards the end of my placement I applied for a role as a Support Worker for the Special Needs Inclusion Programme (SNIP) which has turned out to be the most rewarding work I have done to date.

The JCCT is an amazing charity, whose team work tirelessly to help and support local families and I will always be very grateful for the time I spend there.”



Sophie Picot started her placement while she was in her final year of the Childhood Studies Degree at Highlands University College Jersey (UCJ) in 2014.

“I had wanted to work with children with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND) for a while and I knew that working with the Trust would provide opportunities for me to find out more about the Special Needs Inclusion Project (SNIP) so I was thrilled to get my placement with them.

When Alice realised how interested I was in SNIP, she gave me the chance to learn more by attending meetings with her.  After a month or so, she offered me the role of Support Worker to a boy in nursery.  I worked with him three hours a week supporting his behaviour and social development until he no longer required it (about nine months later).  I loved it.

When I finished my degree, Alice asked if I’d like to continue as a Support Worker and I jumped at the chance.  After a similar supporting role to the one I’d had while I was still on placement, Alice offered me the chance to support a young boy with complex sensory and speech and language needs.  I was a little concerned about it but she explained that she wouldn’t have asked me if she didn’t think I could do it.

There were a number of times I could have given up as the role was extremely challenging but I knew how important persistence was and everyone at the Trust was brilliant and constant in their support, so I stuck with it.  He began to make progress; his behaviour started to improve and his language began to develop.  He left his nursery nine months after I had started working with him, having developed enormously in this time.  I had learnt a lot too, developing my knowledge of Makaton signing, behaviour techniques and also new skills, such as the TEACCH (Treatment and Education of Autistic and Related Communication Handicapped Children) approach.

I was lucky to have been able to work with a wide range of professionals while I was in these roles and I learnt so much from them.  This gave me the confidence to start applying for jobs at Mont-à-l’Abbé School, where I had always wanted to work, and in June 2016 I was offered a job as a Teaching Assistant.  I know I wouldn’t got there without the Trust and all the experiences and knowledge I gained while I was there.  I loved being a Support Worker, even though some of my roles were very challenging.  And I still miss everyone at the Trust and cannot thank them enough for all the opportunities they gave me.”

Natasha Simon was on placement with us through her First Year at Highlands UCJ.  She is working towards a Childhood Studies Degree.

“I began my placement with the Trust by helping run a crèche for those children whose parents were attending one of the Trust’s projects.  I learnt so much, not just about the different milestones children hit at different ages, but also about how to communicate well with parents and carers.  I also became good at being flexible with the different sessions I organised, as we were working with a wide age range.

I learned to use Eventbrite for projects and CPD training, and began creating a photography policy for the Trust.  Being at the Trust gave me an insight into nanny accreditation, which proved very useful as I was going through the process of becoming an accredited nanny myself.

I was also involved with the Brighter Futures’ Growing Together sessions on Friday mornings, where parents/carers come with their children to play and socialise.  I was involved with both the planning and reflection sessions, ensuring the activities helped the children to meet their appropriate milestones.  

The Trust is a truly amazing place to work, and offered me such a wide variety of tasks and experiences that will be enormously helpful in the future.  I feel so lucky to have been there and thoroughly enjoyed every minute.”


Trident Placements

Amber Reekie joined us for 3 weeks in March 2018

Before joining Jersey Child Care Trust for my placement, I had very little knowledge of what the charity actually did, although after my three weeks I have gained so much valuable knowledge of what they do.  I arrived on my first day not knowing what to expect.

Throughout my three weeks, I learned many things which I think will help me throughout my life, such as how to format a business letter and how to write cheques.  I met with different agencies under the roof of the Bridge such as midwives, health visitors and brighter futures.

One really good experience was when I got to encounter a speech and language therapy class, which I really enjoyed as it was something different and showed me something I hadn’t seen before.  I also got to visit Tiny Tots Playgroup as well as going to an event at the Hotel de France and standing behind a JCCT stand.  Although it was a little bit scary, it was very exciting as I was experiencing something new and doing something ordinarily wouldn’t have got to do.  Another amazing thing I did was to help Fiona and Penny set up at Longueville Manor before the JCCT Cream Tea event.  I really enjoyed this because after making different things for the event I actually got to see it ready for the guests.

At the end of my placement, I could understand and see all the amazing work the small charity does for Jersey and how dedicated each staff member is in helping one another and ensuring everyone is ok.  They are all extremely welcoming, friendly and considerate and it was great to be able to spend my three weeks with them.  The work atmosphere is relaxed and everyone is smiling and laughing which makes the office seem very approachable.

I have thoroughly enjoyed every day here at the Trust and appreciate that they didn’t need to take on a student but they did and made me feel very welcome and helped me learn so much about the work they do and helped me learn basic skills.  It is fair to say I will miss everyone at the Trust and am very sad to leave.


Megan Harris joined the Trust for two weeks from Hautlieu School.

“I thoroughly enjoyed my time at the Trust.  My two week placement started off with a tour of “The Bridge”, which was very fascinating, as it gave me a lot of insight into what the whole place was about and what the different charities and organisations do to help children and their families.

Everyone at The Bridge was very friendly and welcoming, which made me feel a lot more comfortable.  During my first few days at the Trust I learned how to do a range of different office jobs, such as scanning files, laminating and using the shredder.

My Trident experience here at the Trust was not what I was expecting at all, it was far better.  I thoroughly enjoyed meeting everyone, and I’m so pleased with what they have helped me accomplish throughout my time.  However, it is safe to say I am very sad to be leaving and will miss each and every person that I had the pleasure of meeting.  The Trust is a phenomenal place and the lengths they go to, to help families is tremendous, and it is very much inspiring.”


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